Key Stage 1

Curriculum Plans Autumn term 2nd half 2017 - Celebrations

Squirrel Class - Year 1

p1010084In our class we endeavour to provide an exciting and challenging learning environment. The children enjoy learning immensely and make very good progress in this vibrant and engaging setting.
We provide the children with a gentle transitions from the foundation stage to Key Stage 1 where they are gradually eased into a more formal working atmosphere. Whilst utilising the National Curriculum we aim to make learning practical and stimulating. Every child is provided with the opportunities and support needed to reach their potential; they are made to feel comfortable to explore their own abilities and talents whilst embracing their mistakes as learning opportunities.

  English and Maths

English and maths are taught every day with a very strong practical elements. In addition to English lessons phonics, handwriting, grammar and guided reading are taught regularly. Our daily phonics sessions are continued from reception, taught in much the p1010091same way. We use ‘Letters and Sounds’  program.  Children are encouraged to read regularly and a wide range of literature is available in the classroom to look at, read and borrow. This is in addition to their reading scheme books.
In maths we encouraging independent thinking by teaching the children to choose and use appropriate resource whenever required. Number lines, number squares, counting tools etc. are always accessible for the children to use. Much of the maths is taught practically and mistakes are celebrated to encourage an open mind set where finding out that something in wrong brings us one step closer to getting it right.

Sport and Fitness

Squirrel Class swim and have two hours of PE from specialist coaches every week. This provided them with the opportunity to develop a whole range of skills including gross and fine motor skills, strength and muscle tone, health and wellbeing, body confidence and team skills.

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Curriculum Plans Autumn term 2nd half 2017 - Celebrations

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