Illness / Injuries

If your child is absent through illness, please notify us on the first morning of absence, either by phone or by email, before 10am. This should be followed up by a letter on their return to school. Children who have upset stomachs should remain off school until 24 hours after the last bout of illness (48 hours for Nursery children).

If your child has a medical condition and needs to keep medicine permanently in school this should be brought into school in a named box with their photo on it. The medicine should be labelled with their name and instructions. If at any time your child needs to be given medicine at school we need written permission to do so with clear instructions as to how the medicine is to be administered. A form is available from the office for this.

Medical and dental appointments should be arranged out of school time but where this is not possible please advise us in writing prior to the appointment.

Most injuries at school are minor. If a serious accident occurs, we will take immediate action in getting medical help, telephoning the emergency contact you have given us as soon as possible. It is therefore most important that your contact details are kept up-to-date and you inform us of any change especially if a mobile phone is changed.

If your child has a bump to the head during the day, we will send a slip home to inform you of this.


As headlice can spread quite quickly I would ask you to be vigilant and check your child’s hair regularly.  If headlice are found it is important that all members of the family are checked and treated if necessary.
The advice from the school nurse is to put lots of conditioner onto DRY hair, part hair into small sections and comb through from the scalp to the tips with a nit comb.  This should be carried out every 2 to 3 days for at least 2 weeks.
For the most up to date advice on treating headlice please talk to a pharmacist.  It is important to follow the instructions carefully.  You can also look on the website , click on Health A-Z for Headlice information and treatment.